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Why would you entrust me with your translations?

Professional Qualifications

I hold an MSc degree in “Arabic-English Translation and CAT-Tools” from the Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh and a BA in “History and Culture of the Middle East: Islamic Studies” from the Free University of Berlin. As part of my BA, I spent a year studying “Arabic Language and Literature” at the American University of Beirut. All these institutions provide world-class professors and top facilities in order to produce skilled and hard-working professionals distinguished by critical thinking and the ability to research independently – qualities I employ at work every day.


I spent at least a year in each of the countries whose languages I speak (Lebanon, Germany, Poland, UK). During my MSc studies, I worked virtually full-time as a self-employed interpreter and translator, gaining invaluable professional experience. The intensive work at Scottish police offices, courts, hospitals and council offices demanded in-depth preparation and research in advance, thanks to which I became versed in the intricacies of criminal and civil law, business, medicine and local government – in all my working languages.

Specialist Knowledge

Each assignment I carry out is preceded by meticulous preparation, which encompasses not only specialist vocabulary, but also a thorough understanding of a specific field. I have been thus able to specialise in several areas during my professional work, including: criminal and civil law, medicine, business, electrical engineering, energy, politics, and humanities. Moreover, this equipped me with the tools and know-how necessary to research other areas and deliver a professional translation in numerous other fields.